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I was born in June 1971, at Katochi, Aetoloakarnania. I studied in the Athens University of Economics and Business and worked for some years mostly as an accountant. I studied ceramic sculpture at Marilena Michopoulou’s ‘Ceramic Forms’ atelier and, later, ceramic technology with Menandros Papadopoulos. I create ceramic sculptures always seeking harmony, clarity of line and to accentuate my personal aesthetic and truth. The shapes, colours and textures of nature have been a permanent source of inspiration and personal quest. I work with stoneware clay at temperatures of 1200-1240°C.
When creating a sculpture, the process usually begins with a very rough idea in my mind. But, there are times when I start without having anything concrete in mind and just relying on instinct and on clay which almost always guides my hands. When working, fresh thoughts come and complement or even overturn the initial idea – sometimes emanating from my mistakes or just by chance. Often, the final result surprises me, when the different phases a piece has been through until it was completed come to mind.
Today, I live and create in my own studio at Kalamos, Attiki.
Participation in exhibitions

– 46th, 48th, 51st, 52nd Panhellenic Exhibitions of Ceramic Art
– 8th Ceramics Exhibition entitled “Contemporary Ceramic Artists 2008”, at the International Centre of Ceramics and Contemporary Ceramics Art in Malaki, Pilio
– Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Municipality of Athens Arts Centre, 2012.
– 3rd open sculpture workshop – Kalamata, August 2016
– 4th Ceramics Exhibition – Archaeological Museum of Delphi 20/5/2017-10/7/2017


She was born in Athens, in May 1974. She attended a four-year course on icon painting at the independent study centre “Campus Arts & Sciences (Campus Praxis)” with the icon painter Nicos Kostoglou. At the same time, she studied free hand drawing-colour with the painter Michalis Veloudios. She has worked as an icon painter and a painter and has organised fine arts presentations for children. In the last few years, she attended courses on pottery wheel and technology in ceramics with Kiki Gerontaki. She has an atelier with her partner, sculptor George Gotsopoulos in Kalamos, Attiki.

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